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1º   ATest 15 pvps
2º   farm 9 pvps
3º   teeeeeeeee 0 pvps
4º   DOMIGG 0 pvps
5º   dennnnqq 0 pvps
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1º   ATest 0 pks
2º   farm 0 pks
3º   teeeeeeeee 0 pks
4º   DOMIGG 0 pks
5º   dennnnqq 0 pks
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1º   dfgdfgdf lvl 6
2º   qweqweqwe lvl 6
3º   tttttt lvl 0
4º   bbbbbb lvl 0


Lineage II Appeal's 10th Anniversary!
Hi everyone! First of all thank to you, to everyone that made it possible for us to announce our 10th anniversary! The adventure of Lineage II Appeal has been started 10 years ago, today. In honour of our 10th year; we'd like to inform you about this appeal, will be better than ever! Inform everyone and specially the ones you wanna fight against that L2Appeal is coming back!
19 December, 2020
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